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The Beginnings...

Lysharia is a multi-verse setting comprised of several different planets, with Planet Lysharia being the center of the galaxy, much like that of Old Earth. The difference in this universe and that of Old Earth's is in the number of planets in the galaxy. Several worlds are said to be habitable, among a set of 15 planetary bodies.

It has been two centuries since the War of Aggression on Old Earth. Since that time, the Lysharia Federation, as they now call themselves has enjoyed a period of peace as they search for a world to call home. Now, at long last, having found a world to call home, humans and other species encountered during the two century journey, rediscover sorcery, other myths and legends…

But as they settle in, will they discover the utopia that they claim it to be?

An lo, there will be great signs and portents of his coming…

It is said we will know them when we hear them, as we will know him when we see him…

For he will be marked. He will come from the stars, beyond the reach of Time,

But be of our blood…

An yet, the LightBringers will stand once more and return to men the Light they once bore…

Game-play and Rules

Sound interesting? This is a free-style open game run by Keiro with some limitations in that major characters such as Seoladán cannot be played without approval from Keiro. There is also the expectation that you not play other characters that are owned by someone else without their approval.

You may also not play copyrighted characters. For more information, the Lysharia Meta below will be of help in enjoying your play!

Lysharia Meta

Page Description
how-to-join-play How to Join and Play
species Species
Locations Description
planet-lysharia Planet Lysharia
lightmere Capital City Lightmere
flying-j The Flying J Space Station
allura Planet Allura
Myths and Legends Description
project-ljae Project L-Jae
old-earth Old Earth

Guide to the Wiki

playground - Need a place to learn how to use the Wiki? This playground is for you. If you need help with using the syntax you can always refer to the syntax page

Join us in the IRC or Discord if you need more information on how to use the Wiki. Alternatively, check out the Test page for specific styling, such as rows, infoboxes and so on.

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