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Keiro Ituralde

Age: Indeterminate – looks to be around 35 but is likely older due to time dilation and genetic modifications

Sex: Male

Height: 5'8“

Hair: Brown

Fur: Brown

Eyes: Grey

Feathers: Orange, red and gold

Appearance: Standing at 5'8”, this man is a genetically modified human. Originally a human in the early days of the Fall of Old Earth, that's what he was. But during the War of Terran Aggression, he and several other officers of the remains of Earth's military took the starships that were being built in the last days of Terra's governance and rescued well over a billion people. Thus, the man is often seen wearing a uniform when dealing with government and military matters.

Sometime during the escape of the War of Terran Aggression, the Fleet encountered several species that took him and modified him into what he is now, a man that looks more like a wolf-phoenix hybrid. Head of a wolf, big fluffy ears and his fur is dark brown all over his body except for parts of his belly and crotch, much like dogs and wolves. His chest, neck and part of his shoulders're covered with the mythical phoenix feathers made reality, colored orange and red, whereas his tail is more of an orange-red gold tinge, starting with fur and ending in feathers that look like flames come to life. This extends down a bit to his back where his wings sprout, over-sized Phoenix wings in red-gold colors, large enough to support him flying if he so chooses.

His uniform is typically blue or green, with his name on the right and shoulder patches indicating “Lysharia Space Command”; the rank of a Fleet Admiral. He also has hair bound back with a green silk hairband stained by blood. The story behind this hairband is a closely held secret and when asked, a sad expression and the feeling of a great silence can be sensed and seen in his eyes.

It is said that during the search for Lysharia, he met a species that gave him the knowledge of his fate and Magick, for a price. This price is paid via a power-wrought Ashandarei. It is a long, black-hafted spear with a foot-long sword blade in place of a spear point, slightly curved and single-edged. The blade is adorned with two ravens, and the shaft has an inscription:

"Thus is our treaty written; thus is agreement made.
Thought is the arrow of time; memory never fades.
What was asked is given. The price is paid."

It's also said that during this time, he received several different life-extension modifications, some genetic, others… less so. It is unclear what those other methods were, but one can assume it's likely to do with Power, of a sort.

Should someone convince him to strip down to nothing, there is a marking on his lower back, just above the tail of a glowing blue-green wolf's paw, infused with Power and linked to something else, or perhaps to someone. It's also clear that he is solidly built. Were one to look at him closely, there's a hidden socket at the base of his skull, designed for high-speed fiberoptic communication with technology compatible with his starship, hidden by the scruff of his fur and feathers. Other modifications such as a biomechanical web with a node at the base of his spine that acts as a central computer with a built-in AI capable of interacting via thought, audio or visual interfaces and strengthening of his skeletal frame to enable faster reactions and make it difficult to break his bones. Also capable of wireless and wired access to technology, depending on environments.

Abilities: An extremely powerful empath; it's difficult to gauge just what class of an empath he is, but it can be estimated to be at least a class 10 empath; a rating so high that it's nearly incalculable. This rating qualifies the person for high-level jobs and positions, even royalty in some cases.

As an extremely powerful empath, it is possible for him to influence people from a distance in various ways, such as linking with a group of people to establish a psionic communications network, or to manipulate people in subtle ways as some examples of what such a class of empath can do.

Magick: Somewhat proficient but blends the use of magic with technology and seems to have an easier time interfacing with magic through the lenses of technology. Examples like focus rings or a battle-suit capable of channeling his energy into the realms of a combat mage with limited healing potential.

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