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WolfSongs could be considered simple werewolves in common literature. At least, that's what was thought of when they were first encountered.


Encountered during the travels by Humans in what would eventually become the Lysharia Federation, their world lies within the Milky Way, hidden amidst the backscatter of asteroids, planets and galaxies further out from the Milky Way, the plane named Luperia was discovered by the ancient probe named Curiosity from NASA in the late 3900s.

It was learned that there were some degree of time manipulation that came from the original progenitor. The identity of this progenitor is a closely held secret for reasons unclear to the Lysharia Federation. It's theorized that this is to ensure that there's no time loop or other manipulations resulting in paradoxes that would break the current timeline.

Suffice it to say, once this species was discovered, the Independence Pact was developed and the General, Keiro Dreamwalker was one of the original signatory authorities and therefore, altered as a sign of goodwill and the alliance that was established.


The WolfSongs range from 5 feet to 8 feet in height, with many different fur designs dependent on the genetics at play. However, one common factor amongst the WolfSongs is their abilities ranging from empaths to telekinetics, but all are able to communicate via thought.

The most common color of fur is brown and black, not necessarily together. The rarest color is silver and gold. Even rarer still, silver, blue and green all on the same fur. Truly rare ones are those that're colored similar to that of Tabbus Melonia, known as Canis Melonia


There are also five Houses, each representing a region and the type of WolfSongs present in that region, extending to their abilities. For example, the House of Lyan can be considered royalty, commonly seen with traces of Power in the form of glowing runes upon their fur and birthmarks.


Empathy - The ability to sense another's emotions, with empaths rated between 1 and 10, with 10 being the most powerful, and able to influence people subtly, even control them, if one is sufficiently weak to such an empath.

Telekinetics - The ability to move items with varying degrees of control, between 1 and 10 with the most powerful being able to move large items, such as bridges, starships and other heavy objects.

More abilities to come.

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