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Tabbus Melonia, also known as Smolons are a relatively newly discovered species on the planet of Allura. They appear to be similar to that of Earth-based Felis Catus, but are distinctly different in the way their skin and fur patterns are developed.


The fur and skin patterns may differ, just as watermelons of Earth differ, primarily in the patterning and amounts of pigmentation resulting in Smolons varying from very light watermelon-like patterning colors to dark ones. Their underbellies are typically red, with the tone of this color varying just as their fur does.

When threatened, or sleeping in an area known to be a danger, groups of Smolons will curl together into a roughly spherical shape, allowing for their green striped fur to face out, resulting in their group being camoflaged into the greenery that they're in, looking more like watermelons until closely inspected.

They are known to make sounds similar to kittens mewling but with a fiercer tone to their calls.


Their favorite foods are watermelons, particularly seedless watermelons. This was discovered through experimentation and observation of preferred foods for Smolons. Sharing a watermelon with a Smolon is generally regarded as the best way to befriend a Smolon and earn their protection, assuming one does so on the regular rather than a one-off.

Note that if a watermelon is detected to be in your possession, Smolons will not stop until a slice is obtained. Do this at your own peril.

History and Stories

Legends also say that it is possible to encounter larger Smolons in times of change where danger is ever present, but the exact triggers to encounter one is not known.

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