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Dragonshark Tabby

Tabbus Draconem Selachimorpha, the Dragonshark Tabby, is one of the rarest species of tabby found on Allura. Only five have been sighted thus far, and only one of them found trust in a particular person, presumably based on the fact that the two look rather alike. This particular one seems keen on having a wig similar to their owner, for reasons yet unknown.


As a result of their rarity, there's not a lot known about these tabbies, and speculation is all scientists have been able to do. The assumption is that these are a crossbreed between Tabbus Selachimorpha and Tabbus Draconem, or merely an evolution of the former. They appear to be able to levitate for indeterminate periods of time at relatively low altitudes, but there's no consistency to the duration or altitude of levitation. Scientists speculate it has to do with fatigue, but this remains uncertain until further research can be done.

Visually, all dragonshark Tabbies sighted have been two-tone; a distinct underbelly colour, and a more muted upper body & back colour. The underbelly colour is always bright, most commonly sighted as some form of white; but two of them also had vibrant, bright colours as well. The upper body colour is also spotted, for reasons yet unknown, but is likely to do with camouflage in their natural mountainous habitats.


Not a lot is known about their diet, but the owner of the only one who gained a dragonshark Tabby's trust reports that it seems to particularly like cooked red meats, especially if medium rare. This has led scientists to believe that it follows similar trends to regular Tabbus Tabbus, but more carnivorous. Reportedly it does not object to herbivorous foods, but will be much more inclined to eat it if some form of meat is included with it. Scientists will need to ask further questions on this matter.

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