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Aradessian Bunny Tabby

Tabbus Egestas Aradessia, the Aradessian Bunny Tabby, is a sub-species of Tabbus Egestas, living in the Aradessian Mountain Range of Allura. It is mostly similar to the regular Tabbus Egestas, but has unique visual characteristics and its own, unique diet.


Physically, it has about the same build and appearance as the regular Tabbus Egestas, but has fur that's rougher and much denser than that of a regular Tabbus Egestas. On top of that, it has very unique fur patterns, likely to coincide with its hunting habits. The fur generally makes it look like a snowed on rock, but it depends on the gender: female ones have a “snow” coating on the top of it (white fur), with a deep grey underbelly, while male ones have it the opposite way around; a snowy underbelly, and a deep grey top.

As a result of their fur patterns, it's typically the females who bring in the food for their packs, because they live at high altitudes far up the Aradessian mountains; their fur patterns blend in much more naturally for the environment, and as such have a much easier time bringing home food.

The hunting is a game of bait: they find a good, open spot with some form of leftover food left out in the middle of it; they then proceed to hop to a spot near it, hunker down and pretend to be a rock in the environment, until a bird or other species swoops in to eat the food. At that point, it waits until the prey is actively eating its bait, and jumps at it with a fierce bite to capture and debilitate it. It then drags it back to home camp, where it shares its capture with the rest of the pack. Sometimes they go hunting in bigger packs, when a fierce winter is upcoming and they need more sustenance to live off of when hunting will be more difficult.

As pets, they easily integrate into existing packs, needing only minor adjusting. They are easygoing with other species and socialised ones also don't feel the need to hunt nearly as often; but it's still recommended they are allowed to hunt every once in a while, or they may get crabby and unintentionally hurt the rest of the pack.


Because of its natural habitat, the species is naturally carnivorous. Meat is all it will typically sustain itself on, but will occasionally eat fruits if it can't find anything else. Its favourite seems to be lamb, and it particularly dislikes apples.

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