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Bunny Tabby

Tabbus Egestas, the Bunny Tabby, has a multitude of sub-species. The most common one found is the Tabbus Egastas Eremus, or the Desert Bunny Tabby, named such because it was first discovered in the Parfereto Desert on Allura, but can be found to reside in most moderate climates on the planet as well.


The fur of the Tabbus Egastas Eremus is coloured similarly to that of the sands of the desert, and is considered to be a camouflage tactic for the more hostile environments of the Parfereto Desert. As such, scientists assume that this is where the species originated. They also have the long, slender ears, much like a bunny, but still has the regular Tabbus Tabbus tail. Some of them have also been found to have naturally floppy ears, that droop over their heads. These ears also seem a bit shorter, likely a genetic malfunction. It is not yet known whether the genetic malfunction is dangerous to their lifespan or not, but so far evidence points to that not being the case.


The Desert Bunny Tabby is a herbivore, but can digest small amounts of meat as either a treat or as a necessary survival measure. Its favourite is Alluran carrots, known for their slightly spicy tinge and having a sweet aftertaste, and dislikes beetroot to the point of actively avoiding it, even when starved.


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