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Aradessian Forest Tabby

Tabbus Floofus Magnus, the Aradessian Forest Tabby, nicknamed “Big Floof”, is a species of Tabby that hails from the faraway forests surrounding the Aradessian Mountains on the planet Allura.


With very poofy fur and colder colours, these Tabbies are right at home in their natural habitat; the cold forests of the Aradessian mountain range, where only the toughest can survive. They are always two-tone, with a white belly and darker, colder tones on top to blend in with their forest environments.

These Tabbies are lone wolves. The only times they've been sighted as being in a group are when hunting larger creatures, or when mating season beckons. There have been anecdotes of them cuddling up together in the wild when really heavy storms beckon, for safety and warmth, but scientists are yet to see this first hand, and will as such be treated as mere folklore for the time being.

Those that have managed to find their way to the more populated areas of the planet, are a lot more social in comparison. These play very well in larger groups, tend to enjoy the cuddles and affection of their owners and exhibit similar behaviours to the common Tabbus Tabbus when alone. Scientists are still researching why this is, but find it very noteworthy behaviour from the species.


Because they live in the wild, cold forests, Aradessian Forest Tabbies are carnivorous. They do not eat anything plant-based, including fruits and vegetables. In their natural habitat, they tend to hunt for smaller prey for food.

Curiously, however, there is one notable exception in the wild ones: Aradessian peaches. It appears their sweet scent and taste is like candy to them, and they'll always pick it over a more substantial meal when offered the choice.

The socialised ones tend to have a slightly different diet: they are still primarily carnivorous, but aren't against eating plant-based foods. They still love Aradessian peaches as much, but recently people have found that they are particularly rabid for cakes, especially Aradessian peach cakes.

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