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Common Tabby

Tabbus Tabbus, the most commonly sighted species of Tabby, is the first discovered species of its kind on Allura, and is related to all other tabby species found so far.


Their striations can vary from light toning to very dark, almost hinging towards black, and have a variety of base fur colours. They always roam in groups, and always prefer company. As a result, they're not shy towards people or other species that act friendly towards them, and are quick to form a bond with them. They get scared and anxious when they lose their pack, or their owner isn't around for a longer period of time, but are quick to turn happy again when they find a pack to join or their owner comes home again.

They always sleep in packs, and some will stay awake as surveillance against any potential dangers in less peaceful areas. Because of their particular fur combinations, they don't tend to blend well into their surroundings, and need to be more careful about the spots they choose to sleep in.

Their cries are the equivalent to that of a kitten's mewling, but with subtle undertones of a growl to deter any threats.


The common Tabby isn't a particularly picky eater, and will eat almost anything you give it. Those around more human civilisations have even shown preference towards human foods, even being sighted with holding tacos or a bucket of popcorn. Scientists are yet to understand why this is the case, but are fascinated by this phenomenon.

They did, however, learn that common Tabbies hate tofu with a passion, to the point they'll aggressively pounce on you and hiss until you throw the tofu away. The assumption is because they are inherently more carnivorous, and prefer real meat over substitutes.

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