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What is Project L-JAE?

L-JAE is short-hand for Lysharia Jaegernauts. The Jaegernauts are soldiers of the Lysharia Space Command, genetically and biologically modified to be essentially super-soldiers. Faster reaction time, increased strength, greater vision acuity, and even in some special cases, abilities to do more than just what a normal unmodified human can do, such as Magic.

An additional benefit that such recipients can expect is automated up-to-the-second backups of their consciousness and clones of their selves with modifications already integrated should they die. Unfortunately, when death occurs, the brain of the body is destroyed. Such a recipient cannot be cloned to an identical body without modifications or such a chip embedded in a clone's brain-stem. Attempts to restore one's consciousness to such a body will result in immediate catastrophic psychosis resulting in death upon awakening without proper preparation if a recipient wishes to opt out at a later time.


Such modifications are typically restricted to Generals and above as well as L-SOC (Lysharia Special Operations Command) operators. Spies may also receive this benefit if deemed necessary. Otherwise, Jaegernauts are typically given this modification in order to help accelerate their training with the chosen starships they operate with, as each starship comes with their own Evolving Intelligence, essentially advanced AI.


Jaegernauts are trained to operate in a variety of scenarios, such as war on land, sea and air as well as space. Each operator is fitted with a chip that monitors and backs up their consciousness to a secure hidden facility. The location of this facility is unknown and restricted to facility personnel, automated armed flights and two senior Federation officers, such as the Fleet Admiral and the Admiral.

Training takes place on Planet Lysharia and the Flying J on several bases, splitting the trainees into six Schools based on observed performance and tests. They are as follows:

TBD – have not decided how this works out.


Jaegernauts have their bodies modified genetically to better utilize the resources that they have. e.g., utilizing the energy from their foods better, using oxygen more efficiently. In addition, they also are given a biomechanical web with the controlling node being embedded in their spine closer to the neck. This confers the ability to self-repair and accelerate such self-repairs and neutralize poisons by whatever means.

They are able to interact with the biomechanical web via whatever means they see fit, such as interacting via thought, gestures, visual or aural commands. This biomechanical web is able to access various parts of the body, giving the user the ability to selectively enable/disable their limbs and reaction times. Additionally, they are able to communicate wirelessly and/or via cables with embedded sockets in various points of the body via fiber.

If desired, they can also use battle-suits of their own design or of Federation design.

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