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History of Lightmere

Lightmere is both the Capital for the planet Lysharia and the name of one of the major continents. It is a fairly large continent about the size of Canada with three major bodies of fresh water and four mountain ranges criss-crossing the continent. Lightmere was built out initially as a military base for the Federation after it was determined that the planet, Lysharia was the best planetary body for colonization.

After the initial construction as a military base, it slowly expanded to become a real city with several quarters. There's the Farmer's Quarter for the foods grown all over the world, the Industrial Quarter for all things technological and mechanical. Finally, there's the Residential Quarter where residents live but the residents aren't strictly limited to living in just the Residential Quarter.

There is also a spaceport, named Lightmere Spaceport nearby with a sound barrier in place to reduce the noise of orbital launches for starships not capable of gravity drives or other soundless methods of propulsion. In addition, there are defensive shields and automated laser, missile and anti-aircraft turrets scattered, which the military base also has.

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