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To get started with Lysharia, all you need do is simply join us on IRC or Discord and play! You do not necessarily need to know everything about Lysharia in order to play well.

However, there is some merit in looking about and learning what details you can get in order to figure out how to best get your character involved in a role-play. For that, we would recommend that you join us, either on the Forums or on IRC… and watch us as we play. Ask questions and you'll get answers. We won't bite… too much. Unless you're into that sort of thing. (Oh myyy!)

If you'd like some pointers on where to look, we'd recommend looking at the Game Setting, and then checking out what Species you'd like to play as. Then from there, check out Lysharia's History for what's been happening that brought the people of Lysharia to their current position. If you're interested in the Schools of Magic, Technology and the like, that would be the best place to learn about them.

Come join us on IRC or Discord! SSL port for IRC is 6697… I have not decided on where to host this game on IRC or Discord.

If you have issues registering an account on our site, or if your account was activated but we erroneously marked your account as spam-bot after 24 hours, please contact us via IRC so that we may approve your registration, or recreate your account. Please be patient with us as we evaluate other anti-spambot solutions.

E-mail activation is required. If you did not get your e-mail, please check your spam folder.

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