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News and Information
  • Game Updates

    Changelogs and other details related to changes that affect players.

  • Events

    Upcoming and completed events are posted here for posterity!

  • Rules and Regs

    The usual legalese and such. You know the drill.

Support & Development
  • BugTracker

    If you find any bugs or exploits that are unusual, kindly report it here.
    Reported bugs will be approved and moved once they have been fixed by the team.

  • Support Ticket

    Please note; Tickets are not for player reports and appeals. This is for the Site, Forums and FluxCP, our control panel.

  • Technical Support

    Ask here if you need technical or game support!

  • Suggestions

    Your feedback is always encouraged. Help us to maintenance a better experience!

  • Player Reports & Appeals

    If you come across any violators; make sure you report it here!

  • Guides

    Share your knowledge and help others with your guides.

General Category